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i love her. she doesn’t love me.


my good friend’s essay

My good friend recently won a creative writing medal in school for writing this short yet insightful piece. And as she beams in pride, I wave my banner of friendship and support through profuse cheering and posting her wonderful work in this blog post. A lot has happened in this country. A man who believes… Continue reading my good friend’s essay


Cerna Dose: a suspense I couldn’t put down for months

It's raw enough for you to feel the cultural atmosphere. You can smell the cigarettes. You can feel the grime. You can feel the growing tension of prison conflict in your spine. It's all just dirt and broken glass and suspense all wrapped up in one beautiful piece of fiction.


Why I’m not joining a rally today

I know not many of you will agree with me, but I am strongly against the burying of a dictator in a place reserved for those who have served the country well. But I'm sitting here in front a desktop monitor typing my thoughts. I'm not outside. I'm not screaming at the top of my lungs and holding a placard that expresses my disgust toward this secretive funeral in one witty phrase. But I wish to be. Why can't I do it?


Seeing is Believing

This might be one of the best explanations I’ve read so far.

Rationalising The Universe

What is the basis of human belief regarding the existence of independent objects? When it comes to the sciences the basis is often that classic (yet often misused) word ‘proof’ … but what is it that constitutes proof in the scientific world? Humans like to take what we can see as quite solid evidence for the proof of an external object’s existence. If we see a chair in front of us and then we sit down upon it and it performs its dutiful function of upholding our weight then we can quite confidently take this as proof that the chair actually exists. This is the commonly held philosophical viewpoint known as realism. But what about when it comes to objects like electrons, protons and quarks – we definitely cannot see these entities with a microscope, let alone the human eye, how then do we infer proof of their existence?  These quantum scale…

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In light of recent events, I was about to make one long, unequivocal blog post about the atrocities Marcos has done in a span of 20 years; until I stumbled onto a piece made by Ms. Lorelei Aquino. Her blog is filled with beautiful insights about life and society, this issue included. Please look into… Continue reading CHECK YOUR FACTS! (PRO-MARCOS ARGUMENTS AND CLAIMS QUASHED)