you bleed like a fountain
when the tides aim for saltwater sky
& all you want to do is drown-
i wonder how long it’ll take for you
to stop writing like that.

once upon a time, you were blue
train tracks rolling down cigarette
addiction and soft metaphors.
your mother had no way of recognizing you
from the sallow skin
and crevice-deep wrinkles.
you were a cliche
romanticizing the evenings,
wishing you were dead
on paper.
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Oh, mother

you told me that one day
I’ll be able to understand
the cherry blossom
that is your heart

or that one day I’ll be able
to interpret your skies
of gold and pink and blue
and realize that this is
all synonymous
to sadness.

I used to make origami wings for you,
the kind that can rip through the wind
to cradle you ever so gently
while you embark on
leaving everything behind

even if I never understood why,
even hurts seeing footprints
without the feet pressing them
deep into love.

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periscii (n.)- inhabitants of the polar circles; during summer-time, their shadows make a complete revolution

i. her

it’s 6:30 in the morning.

his room is a sludge of cigarette butts drowned in gin bottles like a saturated mountain of hopelessness. newspapers scatter the floor, the sink piled up with dishes reeking of mold & stench of rotting lunch. it’s a mess. he’s nothing but a mess.

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in love, be skeletal

Something funny I found while browsing through my old tumblr blog.

I wrote this around a year ago in tumblr after being inspired by my dad’s biology books, then changed some bits that went unpublished online the same day- never to see the light of teenage fame. It’s fascinating how looking through remnants of my past could make me feel like I’m reading something familiar from a complete stranger. So weird. Should I cringe? Whine? Cry?

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