studio ghibli

I am a huge fan of Japanese culture, especially the incredible work of Studio Ghibli. The minute I hear those two words, I’m taken back to a rainy day in my childhood memories; with my feet kicked back on a sofa and a steaming bowl of champorado (chocolate pudding; a Filipino delicacy) ready for me to devour. From the East to the Southeast of Asia, it’s amazing how a Japanese work of art can take the world by storm.Read More »

of the night and starlight

Last year, I embarked on a project that focused on making night-themed artwork. While so much work compelled me to do otherwise, I was able to allot a few minutes into combining both traditional and digital media.

It’s nothing special and I know the night is a cliche prompt for artwork, but I never get tired of its beauty. How the dark seems to glow with all the stars bathing in city lights, trees and starlight. Know what I mean?

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