Sn for Tin.

Most Filipino mothers opt for a unique name for their children. Mine just happens to be a Kristin with a z for an s. So hi!

I’m a psychology student plus self-taught writing & visual art hobbyist in the Philippines- getting by life with reading, writing, listening to indie, and making a small relevance to the things I love.

I created this blog as a place where I can put the small projects I create. It’s also where I can have practice sessions for writing articles, making graphical art, and animating 3-5 second gifs. In any way, I’m still looking for my niche. Forgive the broad categories in this blog.

With that, I’m open to any suggestions as to what else I can put here. 🙂


12 thoughts on “About”

    1. Oh my goodness, no need to thank me <3! I actually was familiar with you since I stumbled across your fb page once by accident a few days back, which led me to your WordPress account that I forgot to follow for some reason. Forgive me for following at such a late rate. On the plus side, you made me want to explore more corners in and outside of Katipunan for once.

      And I love your cosplay portfolio! I love Japanese culture myself.

      All in all, thank you ❤

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    1. I’m an alchemist jk. Thank you so much <3.

      And wow I just saw your amazing blog. You're an environmentalist and a chemical engineer! A pinoy scientist!
      It's such a pleasure to meet you ❤ Nahiya na tuloy ako chos hahaha

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      1. Paano mo nalagyan ng pictures yung sa mga menu? haha Gusto ko nga dati na course ay Pyschology. hehe mukhang masayang pag-aralan ang behavior ng mga tao. 🙂


      2. Copy-paste special emojis when editing menu names. I used this site:
        http://getemoji.com/ [just highlight, copy and paste 🙂 ]

        Actually masaya nga, lalo na pag dumating sa Theories of Personality at Social PSychology.It deepens your understanding as a person.


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