of the night and starlight

Last year, I embarked on a project that focused on making night-themed artwork. While so much work compelled me to do otherwise, I was able to allot a few minutes into combining both traditional and digital media.

It’s nothing special and I know the night is a cliche prompt for artwork, but I never get tired of its beauty. How the dark seems to glow with all the stars bathing in city lights, trees and starlight. Know what I mean?

i am the sky
I am the sky. 2017. Digital and traditional media.

I called her Sky. The artwork itself is called ‘I am the sky’ because she represents the bliss and war of the night as she marches on to take her place in this world. It looks as though I used watercolor in this one, but honestly I couldn’t afford it. Instead, I became resourceful and diluted old poster paints until I had the desired effect.

Condensed. 2016. Digital Media.

I love making gifs, especially when I’m stressed out and drained from daily physical and mental activity. The art of a forever looping a 5-second stopmotion intrigues me, especially when the art seems to revolve around itself. This one’s an abstract take on two of the best things of the night: citylights and stars.

Instead of separating them in one piece of digital art, why not combine both in a gif ?

Sparks. 2016. Digital media.

This is one work I’m proud of. Those are lyrics from Coldplay’s Sparks and I honestly think the lineart suits the little snippet. I just love the night and stars.

They’re not much (and honestly I think they’re so cheesy), but I plan to work on more as I go. There’s a lot of work needed to be done here. I plan to post more of the night-themed gifs and digital art I’ll be making in the long run, so stay tuned, I guess! ❤


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