Using the KonMari Method in Social Media

I’ve recently read about the KonMari method of organizing and decided to apply that to my social media accounts.

One of the key concepts in the said method was holding your possessions in one hand, caressing it with your fingers and spirit, then asking yourself: does this spark joy? 

Does it make you happy? Confident? Alive? Yourself? Or does it make you shy? Drained? Lifeless?

Does the thing resemble a boring repetition in your daily activities?

If it makes you alive and happy, it sparks joy. Keep it. If it doesn’t, thank it for the memories it has bestowed on you, then put it away for donation.

Do this all in silence.

I deleted both my twitter and instagram accounts because they don’t spark joy, anymore. They just felt like old relics of bad memories. I thanked them, deleted them, then moved on.

There was sentiment in doing all this, sure. I was the kind of person to keep things just in case something happens. I haven’t read this yet so I should keep it. I need this to review for my NMAT.

I was that kind of person until life hit me. I had to move on.

The list goes on. Strange to apply that to Facebook.

It was strange finding myself meditate as I scrolled through my old friend list. Even stranger to realize that only so few of my friends sparked joy the minute I saw them. Some were ones I held close while others were so distant, we’re practically strangers.

I didn’t want a list of Facebook friends without some sort of interaction between us.

The rest felt like so much dead space, a fresh start sounded like a better option.

Although I had other reasons to want to delete my Facebook account, there was something about it that drained me. Every time I log in, I feel dependent on it. My old Facebook account felt so parasitic, it’s as if my life clung to it everytime I browse the internet.

I’ve had that account for years, but it just felt draining.

It didn’t spark joy anymore.

One thing I’ve realized about the experience was the urge to start fresh. To knock off the old stains in my teeth and find new life anew. Sentiment was hard, but that was why I said thank you and parted ways with the old life online.

It felt good. Really good.

I’ll definitely do this to all my old blogposts. Maybe delete and discontinue the diabetics friendly restaurant project because I find myself broke and we rarely go out now.

I’ll probably do better food reviews in the future, when I have my own money. Now just may not be the time.

Probably discontinue other projects, too, and start fresh with new ones. Ones I can actually finished.

This KonMari method might change my life. Who knows?


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