poems, writing

Oh, mother

you told me that one day
I’ll be able to understand
the cherry blossom
that is your heart

or that one day I’ll be able
to interpret your skies
of gold and pink and blue
and realize that this is
all synonymous
to sadness.

I used to make origami wings for you,
the kind that can rip through the wind
to cradle you ever so gently
while you embark on
leaving everything behind

even if I never understood why,
even hurts seeing footprints
without the feet pressing them
deep into love.


I’ve been scoping around my old Tumblr account and found a poem I’ve written about my mother. I never realized how sad and beautifully this was, especially considering that my mother worked oversea in Japan for so long.

Should I just link my old tumblr account of poems or just transfer the decent ones here? What do you guys think?



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