my good friend’s essay

My good friend recently won a creative writing medal in school for writing this short yet insightful piece. And as she beams in pride, I wave my banner of friendship and support through profuse cheering and posting her wonderful work in this blog post.

A lot has happened in this country. A man who believes that Martial Law should be implemented in Philippine soil has taken place in presidential power. She and I can’t simply stand still and watch this all reel in like history repeating itself. It’s been 30 years since that dark, dark era passed, and here we are.

Oh, look at me talk. Listen to my friend! Yiiee! Enjoy! *wooshes away*

Deiriz Mina Gabasa

30 years has passed since the “late strong man of Asia” was ousted from the Malacañang palace, as people cry foul for the extra-judicial killings, poverty, and other injustices occurred in his time.

Years ago, Filipinos asked for democracy and justice; but now they are asking for an iron hand to strangle their neck. We are experiencing the fruit of patriotism of the brave Filipinos who fought for our democracy. What a mockery for them to see this generation of apathy and with no sense of humanity as they cheer in glee for the killing spree. They are killed out of luck the PNP chief said in an interview.

Truly, those people lost their luck for they lost the chance to defend or explain themselves. It is as if we are under martial law again. Writ of habeas corpus seems to be suspended for some people. Let us remember that those are not criminals for they are not proven guilty. A simple rule in Philippine law that some government officials seem to forget. Indeed, history repeats itself. There are a lot of killing happened during Martial Law but no one spoke for they are afraid to have the same fate of their fallen friend or relative. Now, there are mass killings but no one dares to speak because a bunch of cult will throw insults at you while they clap for the injustices. Time will come and Filipinos will walk again along the historical road of EDSA as they cry foul.


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