In light of recent events, I was about to make one long, unequivocal blog post about the atrocities Marcos has done in a span of 20 years; until I stumbled onto a piece made by Ms. Lorelei Aquino. Her blog is filled with beautiful insights about life and society, this issue included. Please look into her piece of cyberspace.

I cannot stomach the fact that a murderer, a plunderer and a downright traitor has a place in a cemetery made for heroes as if the years of fighting for freedom meant nothing. That EDSA Revolution meant nothing. That the thousands of lives lost at his hand meant nothing.

And all because some egoistic president agreed to have him buried as a way of saying thanks to his benefactor, Imee.

Before you debate me on this, below is a link to the said perfect blog post that encompasses all my thoughts, including exactly what I stated above. Please give this beautiful piece a read. Please absorb everything this brilliant author has laid out with concrete, reliable research. Please don’t just hesitate to call me a pro-Aquino just because I’m against this. Politics and the whole state of this country is wider than the history of these two families.


If you are going to start a discussion, please be as civil as possible. I am only here to share my thoughts and raise awareness, not start a fight.

In his book, The Life of Reason, philosopher and novelist George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Germans are not proud of what happened duri…



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