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COMPANA FOOD EXPO 2016: posters + a lesson on resourcefulness


Today, I’m going to look back at one of my most difficult yet proudest encounters: not being able to use Photoshop for a school project.

Last November 3, we had a food exposition as part of our Comparative Anatomy (COMPANA) final exams. We had to discuss in groups the economic importance of animals in terms of their anatomy through a live showcase of home-cooked food and scientifically statistical explanation as part of the dining experience.


With that said, and being a food exposition, we had to decide which poor vertebrates we’d actually cook and talk about (in this case, we chose the pig and the chicken). But the food’s importance to the subject would only make sense if there was a theme to assemble it all together. The professor gave us two choices for this: we either represent a country’s cuisine or consistently use the same animal, per group, all throughout the fair. Since the latter would be dull and there’d be more than one group who’d probably opt for chicken, we chose to represent cuisines from different parts of the globe instead.

Our professor asked us to list some countries we could use, then drew lots to make things a fair game. One of the choices was Japan. Our group rooted for Japan.

Unfortunately,  we were stuck with America.

Given the huge amount of global influence America has given in almost every place imaginable, it was hard to come up with a unique theme that would catch the judge’s attention.  Then I thought of cowboys. Pinky, one of my group mates, thought of Fall Out New Vegas. Then the rest of us thought of this small cafe with mason jars for glasses-thus, United States of Psychology was founded.

United States of Psychology banner. Banner not made and photo not taken my me. Copyright goes to group mate Pinky Alquillera for the crafting and Asst. Prof. Glen Mangali for the picture.

I know it’s stereotypical, but it felt like a good idea at the time.


Aside from some statistics and  vital information, we needed artwork to have that cafe- vibe. But how would a booth about pigs and chicken be visually appealing?

Then I thought about the trivia we needed. It was mandatory to have trivia about the animals we chose in the formal proposal we were required to submit.

So we all had that lightbulb idea that the collection of trivia would be the ‘artwork’ instead.

That’s when I stepped in.



So there I was, all prepped up at home finding trivia and perfect animal vectors (I didn’t know how to use the pen tool to draw at the time). But between the hours of finding pictures and assembling all the elements, I found myself faced with existential crisis: Photoshop CC wouldn’t work on my computer.

Did I install it wrong? It was working so smoothly last time. Why was it failing me now? I thought that uninstalling then installing it again would take too much time- time I could use to get the trivia artwork done. So there I was. Fussing over what I’d do.

To make things worse, I didn’t (and still don’t) have a tablet to make clean lines in MS Paint.

For 3 minutes, I was in a state of unexplained crisis. Then I remembered using picmonkey back when I was so oblivious to Photoshop. I typed that in Google, hoping some salvation would come up because I remembered last time that picmonkey was down.

Thank god it wasn’t.

I spent the next few days toying around with picmonkey until I was happy with the results.


Yes, everyone. I used pickmonkey (and MS Paint for other editing options) for ALL of these posters and headings. Sorry if I can’t jot down the fonts I used or where I got the vectors. At the time, I was too much in a state of relief and utter disappointment at the fact that my computer’s Photoshop was down to jot important copyright details.

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know what picmonkey is, it’s an online photo editor that has its own set of cool fonts and editing options to choose from. It was intentionally designed for photos, but I guess further development went into play because it was down for some time and resurfaced with a new canvas feature- a feature I used dominantly at the time I was making all of these.

So I got all these printed, posted, then went on with discussing why knowing each part of the animal was economically and gastronomically important.

United States of Psychology. Photo not mine. Copyright goes to Asst. Prof. Glen Mangali

Thank god the whole event was a huge success! Everyone seemed to love the whole booth in general. In all honesty, I think we were the booth with the most attention since we had mashed potatoes. Everyone in my class LOVES mashed potatoes!

Me with my group. Photo not mine. Copyright goes to Marx Amedo.

So there you have it! A lesson on how to make use of the sources you already have and a practice blog post on how artwork should be posted on WordPress.

I’d also like to know if photomanipulation, or the act of editing font and photos together in one mesh, would be an acceptable form of art for me to post. Let me know by commenting! Suggestions are also welcome:)

All digital artwork/photos made by me unless stated otherwise.


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