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in love, be skeletal

Something funny I found while browsing through my old tumblr blog.

I wrote this around a year ago in tumblr after being inspired by my dad’s biology books, then changed some bits that went unpublished online the same day- never to see the light of teenage fame. It’s fascinating how looking through remnants of my past could make me feel like I’m reading something familiar from a complete stranger. So weird. Should I cringe? Whine? Cry?

Anyway, enjoy.

Don’t be like the immune system. He’s a soldier that protects, but he only fights through signs without stopping to think. Sometimes, he goes out of hand. Almost anything taken inside the body can be seen as his enemy. Hay. Pollen. Fur. Her friend’s smile. Everything has an antigen. A label he marks his enemies with-he marks everyone except her. He loves every bit of her, but he’s a net of signs hauling her away from the universe. She is sick from it all- from him- and on most days grow sensitive to the rays of the sun. Soon she’ll be allergic to everything, and one day she’ll look out the window wrapped in his blanket forgetting how to be happy.

Don’t be like the immune system.

Don’t be like the circulatory system. He is generous and love has taken him into her arms because of how cathartic his heart beats around her, but he is restless and never thinks of himself. Should she break him, should she toss him aside and not give his love back, he would still give out his oxygen to let her live. If she stabs him right in the chest, his love would still overflow. If he stops altogether, his love would still overflow. There is no room for sleep or rest in him even if it hurts because he loves too much, too much, too much.

Don’t be like the circulatory system.

Instead, be like the skeletal system and keep her head high. Be the framework for her strength yet let her walk by herself. Support her and protect everything inside her but make room for yourself too, in the ribs where it’s wide open to everything. Be your own spine and her everyday shoulder. And when you both break, grow stronger and closer together day by day. Be the reason for her dance. Be the reason for her grace. Be the reason for her stand. Give as much as she needs and let her do the rest.


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