poems, writing

art of making friends

don’t let the cyanide walls
shrink into a small space
squeezing life out of you

make room for one or two people
to have idle chat with–

don’t give your heart out

let them grow on you
like a palm tree in sand,
unsteady at first
but firm as time passes

when it’s time to hand out
the rest of you, tuck your heart
in like a fist
give it as a power up-
let her take it when she needs
a fistfight from the demons

let him take it
when his earthquakes
swallow him weak

let them take it
when their souls
get lost in darkness

no one is stranded
in the middle of
the sea.

having someone else
break a certain kind of
is the reason why friends
are hard to keep

and lose

the art of making
friends is more than a few
drinks and idle heartache.

it’s when a string forms
around the fingers of two
people who embrace each other
as a whole
and never in parts

it’s when you’re ready
to swim across the Pacific
for the one or two people
the world chooses to break

it’s when your chest opens to
the laughter of watching somebody
sit next to you
as you curse the sky for
the wings it refuses to
take flight.

but only if careful.
sclerosis hurts even more
when it carries the weight
of harmful people

yourself included.

so go ahead and trust a few —
have yourself broken.
accidentally break someone else.

keep looking for a platonic
soulmate like a pin
lost in a map.

don’t let the cyanide walls
shrink into a small space
squeezing life out of you.



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