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I wanted to get into the habit of reading again after years of depressive slumps. I reviewed Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns here. He is such a literary genius, and he beats you up with every chapter. Rasheed is disgusting. I will expand more later on.

Musings that don’t matter.

I should be doing something else, but whatever. It's funny how I slowly turned into the very thing I hated as a child.   Funny how, when I was a child, I was a staunchly conservative girl who was strictly against smoking, drinking and atheists who questioned the existence of a god. This thought waned… Continue reading Musings that don’t matter.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Ladies and gentlemen, a comprehensive article on plastics.


You never really throw anything away; you throw it out of site but it will always be there.

You can say that about feelings for someone, but more so for something else- plastic.

I can look around my place right now and point out at least a hundred things completely or partially made out of plastic, including my desk. But it’s not a big deal if they accumulate, we can always throw them away and they’ll end up recycled one way or another, right?

It’d be great if that were true, but the truth is, 91% of plastic worldwide isn’t recycled.

Why not?

Even in the most recycle-loving countries aren’t able to recycle most of their plastic. (Switzerland- 52%, Australia- 49.7%, Germany- 48% and, Netherlands- 46%)

In a nutshell, this is mostly because there isn’t just one type of plastic.

Plastics-Image1-768x489 Read on at

Different types of plastic are recycled differently…

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Asian Narcissistic Parents: THEY Exist!

Everyone is some level of narcissistic, but too much of it damages both your happiness and the mental state of everyone else around you.  First, you harm almost everyone around you when you seek attention. You can’t fully grasp, or fully accept, why people tend to stay away from you and/or find you a cause for negative energy. Plus, you’re never truly happy.


There was way too much going on in my previous posts (which was YEARS ago). So I decided to (more or less) archive them and stick to a consistent theme for this blog. No worries. Some turned into portfolio material (which is good).