musing 1: purpose

Psychologists and philosophers alike have pondered important questions about man and their purpose. But the one thing, I think, they've crucially missed is this simple notion: not everyone's purpose is as grand or humanity-changing as we think. Let me start by saying that humanity, as a whole, is meant to progress and move forward as… Continue reading musing 1: purpose

We built the world from the bottom up, Noah

I. It was a monsoon adding depths to the pitless seas, drowning island after island, cavorting the earth and devouring everything that stood in its way. It is a power that knows no bounds, this reckless titan; how it engulfed the homes that have onced housed the shameless. For forty days, these angels have wept… Continue reading We built the world from the bottom up, Noah

letter to my 18-year-old self

dear kriztin, no, you didn't make it to that uni you wanted. no, you didn't maintain your scholarship. and no, you didn't get any latin honors, either. aside from one org you'll still be a part of even after you graduate, you didn't get much in college. in fact, you didn't get anything. only crippling… Continue reading letter to my 18-year-old self

the misfortune of being lured into the heart’s depths

chapter 1: TOV Tov was in the middle of the ocean when he faced death—in the silhouette of a woman’s back staring into the sunset. She brushed her long hair to the side, glancing ever so slightly at him. The desert’s not the only place for a mirage. Tov thought to himself. In times like… Continue reading the misfortune of being lured into the heart’s depths

Deliver Us

“The elders. Have. Begged us to stay away from Gartha the same way the gods begged Gondo to keep them up north. We have not gone astray from the stars nor steered away from your visions, Lilibeth. But. How. Did. We. End. Up. Here? WHAT DID YOU DO WRONG?!” A frantic Malthus screeches. “Andalusians can’t… Continue reading Deliver Us

Asian Narcissistic Parents: THEY Exist!

Everyone is some level of narcissistic, but too much of it damages both your happiness and the mental state of everyone else around you.  First, you harm almost everyone around you when you seek attention. You can’t fully grasp, or fully accept, why people tend to stay away from you and/or find you a cause for negative energy. Plus, you’re never truly happy.